About Us

Since 1997 , our company Gita Battery , was established , with a well experienced personnel for distribution and sales of various dry batteries for industrial, medical , engineering , and other usage. In this relative short period , with the help of our competent staff , we have been able to capture a considerable market . Also our engineering department have designed and produced spot welding and micro computer battery charger and tester equipment to parallel various batteries , or to connect them in series .

Gita Solar is a subset of Gita Battery which its activities focused on solar cells , solar charge controller and SLE batteries . We can mention the national project of this set Including hybrid bus GHAZAL solar car which GITA BATTERY & GITA SOLAR were responsible for supplying the solar cells & their Specific batteries .

National Project of GITA Company

  • Ghazal 2 Project
  • Electrical Hybrid Bus Project
ElectricalHybridBus ElectricalHybridBus